Don’t let the USA Tech Solutions name fool you, I am just a one man operation that is capable of helping your business be more successful online with my experience and passion for the web. Allow me to introduce myself, My name is Dana Iser, and i’m from Grand Island, New York. I’ve been working on the web for just about over 20 years – and have been in E commerce for the last 12 – I can substantially help your business with its web presence.

I am currently employed full time as an E commerce Web Developer for Mainstreethost, a digital marketing company based n Amherst NY. building and maintaining E commerce websites for their client base. I am very satisfied with my career at Mainstreethost, in fact the only thing that would make me happier is more hours. Unfortunately there are only so many budget-able hours for guys like me at a company of that size, therefore I’m always looking for the next challenge and looking to build my personal client base by assisting current & new clients maximizing e Commerce sales for their brands.

Due to the nature of my career I have worked on hundreds if not thousands of websites in my time, and have developed in wide a variety of platforms. Why should you put this experience to work for your companies Internet presence? The answer is simple, with almost two decades in the industry chances are I can solve your problems quickly and efficiently due to the fact that more than likely, I have already encountered and overcame a similar issue in the past. Also, Being a one man show, my prices are often competitive and this works in your favor because I pass those savings on to my clients!

What happens if a project is found to be too large for my personal workload? Don’t worry, In the twenty years Ive been doing this I have encountered and have strategic arrangements with people all over the globe with all types of skill sets, so I can arrange for you to work with a team of talented team of digital experts to deliver exceptional web services like advanced development, digital marketing, user experience (UX), customer support, training and more.